May 11 – June 6, 2004 in Goodman's Albert Theatre

Around 2 hours and 40 minutes

The patrician classes are standing at the edge of apocalypse. Thank heaven the sky hasn’t fallen on the eccentric Shotover house just yet. Within this house built to look like a mighty ship, the Shotover sisters are wreaking havoc on their men. Romance springs eternal but never mutual, and unrequited love is a perpetual source of verbal pyrotechnics. Presiding over it all is ancient Captain Shotover, whose wisdom is compromised only by his never-ending search for “the seventh degree of concentration.”

Written during the heart of World War I, Heartbreak House is Shaw at his most thought-provoking , amusing and touching. Bursting with wit and a deep compassion for the foibles of mere mortals, Heartbreak House is an exhilarating comic masterpiece.