Membership Q & A

The Goodman has always viewed Subscribers as “Members” of our family—and now we’re making it official!

Please feel free to contact at 312.443.3800 (open daily 12noon to 5pm) us if you have any additional questions.

1. What is a membership and how is it different from a subscription?

A membership and a subscription are very similar. Classic memberships operate exactly the same way as subscriptions: you purchase your package up front, receive the same seats, UNLIMITED exchanges (free with similar series)*—and more.

Choice and Whenever memberships offer an alternative to a traditional subscription with more flexibility. All Members receive more benefits than Subscribers did in prior years 

2. Why has the Goodman chosen to change subscriptions to memberships?

Recent feedback from our patrons revealed that the concept of “membership” was viewed with great enthusiasm. As a theater and community organization, we want to connect our most important patrons to us in the most meaningful way—that’s membership!  

Our goal is for Members to feel like they’re part of our organization. In addition, Members receive additional benefits such as FREE Artist Encounters in the Alice Rapoport Center for Education and Engagement. They also receive discounts on concessions and at our gift shop.

3. What are the different levels of membership and how do I join?

We understand our patrons have different needs, so we have created 3 levels of membership.

While some patrons want the Goodman to select or curate the plays in their package(s), others want the flexibility to choose what they see and when they attend.

A) CLASSIC membership: 5 plays in the Albert Theatre, 3 plays in the Owen or 8 plays in the Albert and Owen Theatres. This is identical to what Subscribers have been traditionally offered.

B) CHOICE membership: allows patrons to choose 3 or more plays in either theater.

C) WHENEVER membership: offers passes (4 to 10) that can be redeemed for the play(s) of their choice in either theater, whenever they’d like to come—with no advance commitment.

Become a Member online or by phone at 312.443.3800.

Have a questions about Memberships? Call the Box Office.

Open 12noon – 5pm daily.

Phone 312.443.3800
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On days with an evening performance, the Box Office is available by phone until one hour prior to curtain time and the walk-up window is open one half-hour after curtain time.