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Support Us Between Acts.

Our unexpected intermission continues. What we thought was to be a short break in our story has become a story in itself. Our work has never been more important, given the issues at the forefront of our society today.

Our artists and staff continue to create, to educate and to connect with our audiences and the Chicago community by providing artistic and education programs retooled for a virtual world. This summer, we will continue our Friday afternoon Live @ Five conversations with artists and offer a full roster of education and engagement programs that give students aged 14 to 94 a creative outlet in which to use their voice. These programs will be offered free of charge.

Live productions at the Goodman will eventually resume, with the quality and variety that you have come to expect—but to do that we need your help. We estimate that the suspension of performances will lead to a minimum of $3.5 million in lost sales revenue. The Goodman’s Intermission Campaign seeks to fill that gap with new donations to support the artists and staff who continue working to prepare for your return. We ask you, if you are able, to not only renew your current contribution, but to also make a gift to help stabilize our operations and ensure we have a strong return.

We are deeply grateful for your belief in the Goodman’s work on stage and in our community. Our commitment back to you is to present plays and programs that reflect the rich and diverse stories that flow from every corner of our city. When we do, we will remember and treasure theater’s power to make us laugh, to think, to feel and, most importantly, to experience life together.

Thank you for your consideration. We can’t wait to be with you for Goodman Theatre’s next act.


Robert Falls, Artistic Director, Roche Schulfer, Executive Director

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