"Passionately performed"

July 18 - 28, 2013 in Goodman's Owen Theatre

Around 1 hour 45 minutes with no intermission

A brother sings his sister to sleep with the tale of a glorious tree whose roots grow on both sides of a border. A pair of young lovers dance on their wedding night, then wade across the Río Grande hand-in-hand as their honeymoon.

A precocious seven year old in Jordan becomes an unconventional entrepreneur to pay for her family’s immigration. A nine year old joins the guerrilla in El Salvador after the murder of his parents. A boat hurls two dozen immigrants across the Gulf of Mexico. A father and son rehearse new identities for a new life. So begin the epic quests of Home/Land. With its characteristic humanity, creativity, and optimism, the award-winning Albany Park Theater Project ensemble brings to vivid theatrical life these stories of desire, risk, resilience, heroism, love and hope—as immigrant families strive to stay together and make a better life in the land they’ve come to call home.

Presented in English with Spanish Supertitles



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  • Albany Park Theater Project

    About Albany Park Theater Project

    Founded in 1997 by David Feiner and Laura Wiley, Albany Park Theater Project (APTP) is a multiethnic youth theater ensemble that inspires people to envision a more just and beautiful world. APTP has devised and premiered 19 original plays based on the life experiences of people whose stories might otherwise go untold: urban teens, immigrants and working-class Americans. APTP has previously appeared in two Latino Theatre Festivals at the Goodman, in 2008 with Aquí Estoy and in 2010 with Feast. APTP is equally renowned for creating a space where teenagers embark on purposeful lives as adventurous dreamers and accomplished achievers.

Critical Praise
  • "A passionate and well-argued piece of political theater"

    - Chicago Tribune

  • Albany Park Theater Project is "one of Chicago's more remarkable artistic institutions"

    - Chicago Tribune

  • "Deeply committed"

    - Chicago Tribune