1/31/2015 10:33:05 AM

  • I liked the play while my wife was a little less than enthused. The first act was great and better then the second. I agree that the volume of the microphones could have been turned up a bit as I to found it hard to pick up the voices a few times. (I attend the Goodman often and usually the sound is okay.) Many of the bloggers expressed a dislike for the husband. I thought he was pretty convincing as someone who could have been more if he had chosen a different woman to spend his life with. After being married for 15-20 years, he now believed he had no ambition, no drive, no passion and was settling for what he had. (I have seen this happen.) The young woman's language was a bit rough but not too different from what I hear all the time. The fact that she started out with a black eye said a lot about her upbringing and social standing. I loved her line when the wife made some comment to the effect that her marriage was just fine and the girl responded by saying "I baby sit for you, I know what your marriage is like". She knew what really went on in that house and in that relationship. The ending was disappointing only from the standpoint that it was realistic. People drift back to what they are comfortable. Twenty years earlier I think the man would have struck out on a different path. Now it may have been frightening and looked like too much work.