1/30/2015 11:22:21 AM

  • Men certainly took a beating in this play. Why would either of the women want this charmless clod? Also, why do older women have to be portrayed as out-of-it ditzes? We're obviously involved theatre-goers and, at 76, I scored 9 out of 11 on your feminism quiz. I may not have marched, but I was certainly aware of and felt strongly about the social issues addressed by the feminist movement. during my younger years. Phyllis Schlafly got a pass in the play. Nobody pointed out that, hypocritically, the life that she was leading (with her house-husband, legal degree and political aspirations) was very different from the traditional one she was advocating for other women. Or that she cynically promoted totally false assertions about the ERA in her drive to defeat it. Other than these cavils, the play was fine. The production was, as always, very good.