Pop Quiz: Second-Wave Feminism

Pop Quiz: Second-Wave Feminism

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Ready to take your history skills to the next level? In honor of Gina Gionfriddo's Rapture, Blister, Burn, test your knowledge of the important people and places of Second-Wave Feminism. See Rapture, Blister, Burn January 17 - February 22.



  • On Stage

    Rapture, Blister, Burn

    Written by Gina Gionfriddo
    Directed by Kimberly Senior

  • Quiz

    Pop Quiz: Third-Wave Feminism

    So you've aced our first two quizzes on the important people and places of the modern feminist movement. Now test your knowledge on third-wave feminism!

  • Quiz

    Pop Quiz: First-Wave Feminism

    Are you a history buff? To prep for the premiere of Rapture, Blister, Burn at Goodman Theatre, test your knowledge of some of the important people and places of First-Wave Feminism.


  • Posted by: Halez at 01/27/2015 12:47 PM
    I really enjoyed the play. It truly express what women suffering in my culture ( Middle East culture).
  • Posted by: Nancy Backas at 01/28/2015 11:15 PM
    I was coming of age just as the second wave of feminism was emerging and pursued a career, not getting married until I was 52. I thought the play aptly portrayed the nuances and complexity of trying tomfigure out how to live a fulfilling life as a woman and feminist. It was spot on.
  • Posted by: Bill Crozier at 02/02/2015 12:26 PM
    With all the discussion of feminism I was shocked that there was no mention of the impact of The Pill on feminism. All three age groups of women in the play would have had different impacts which I think would have enriched the discussions in the play. Despite the obvious addictions of the married couple those addictions were never mentioned as such. Again I think those areas had significant potential for enriching those characters if they were described as addicts, whether recovering or not. An excellent play! I have e-mailed Chris Jones about hi measly 3 star rating. However, I think the title deserves no stars.
  • Posted by: Jim Smith at 02/21/2015 07:10 PM
    Loved it. Did not expect to. Perfect balance of humor too. I'm 69 and lived thru a lot of this stuff. I remember it well,

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