6/29/2014 4:07:46 PM

  • We were indeed delighted, and awed, by the opening night of "Brigadoon." The casting, the set design, the lighting, the special effects, the costumes, the dance... simply no false notes. I'm too young to remember the movie, which is likely the only way I would've seen "Brigadoon." But I was surprised at how many songs I knew by heart. It's a puzzle to me. Maybe my parents owned a cast album from Broadway? I am somewhat fearful that critics may raise the specter of the age of the material and whine that it's "dated" or "antique." But we admire the craftsmanship that creates antiques. And Lerner and Lowe WERE craftsmen. Oh. And it hasn't escaped our attention that Scotland has a big secession vote coming up! How timely of you!