2/22/2014 7:45:11 PM

  • Of course you do know how very proud, much loved you and your sweet girl friend are by us. As I stood in the Dillon house kitchen today and remembered a very young Erik, I was in your parents back yard when you jumped up on the picnic table are recited Shakespeare, then our tour was up thru your moms bedroom up the ladder or back stairway where we enjoyed you playing all your musical instruments of course your loved bro. was with us. Legacy a little word you have and it is HUGE. THE LOVE OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, HOW TO EXPRESS AND BE THE ONE TO EXPRESS . TO ME BELOVED ERIK IS A HUGE FEATHER IN YOU'R CAP...OH HOW YOUR MOR MOR AND MOR FAR WOULD HAVE LOVED TO BE PART OF THIS WONDERFUL LIFE OF YOUR. HUGS, WITH A WHOLE LOT OF LOVE
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