8/8/2013 10:11:07 PM

  • This is our third Mary Zimmerman show, and we enjoyed much of it, but felt it was the least successful of the three. The integration of cultures and in particular the music, were beautifully done. The lyrics in the song done by the elephants were roughly 50% unintelligible, and we felt the reprise was the same. If the show were to be made shorter, the elephants were visually appealing but slowed things down. The Wed. PM performance reflected a lack of engagement on the part of Mowgli, but I fear this is a reflection of the small amount he is given to do in addition to what seemed to be low energy. The music was stunning, and bringing the musicians onstage was brilliant. The book was a little sparse for our tastes, but we feel Zimmerman was held back by the decision to appeal to children as well as adults. Plumbing the original source material would have been more interesting to us. The Andre DeShields number seemed overstaged, and "The Bare Necessities" seemed understaged. I hope this is helpful.