7/29/2013 11:24:28 AM

  • Absolutely Amazing! This interpretation was phenomenel; from the surprising opening - the mancub in an easy chair, to the hypnotic snake eyes~different sized/colored balls rolling/spinning about HAD ME MESMERIZED! The most beautiful and authentic aspect was the injection of Indian culture; with the beautiful sitar and intricate costume designs. Everything was wonderful. Mary Zimmerman a genius. My three sons & I tried to come up with our favorite scene and it was truly tough to decide; between The Great King Louie and all of his hot happening jazz & flipping monkey's (not to mention poor Mowgli being flipped about - done perfectly well) and the Trumpeting Elephants and the beautiful Vultures (who I never thought I would think to be beautiful). The Jungle Book was worth every penny of my savings as a single mother. I am certain that this experience will leave a lasting impression on my three young boys; 8, 6 & 3. My three year old was so taken by it all - he was quiet throughout the whole performance. NOW, that says a lot!!!