7/20/2013 5:21:41 PM

  • We attended Goodman Theatre’s production of The Jungle Book on July 13 at 8pm and were extremely pleased with this wonderful production. The creativity, colorful staging and costumes, lively music and great songs sung by great artist/actors were refined to perfection to stimulate all the senses of everyone in the audience. The five of us had perfect seats in the first (2 in AA) and second (3 in BB) rows of the mezzanine balcony. Although those seats weren’t available for the matinees but our 5 year old Grand-daughter from Russia enjoyed everything, especially the music and songs, so much so she attracted the attention of all those around us towards the end when she couldn’t control her feelings for the music any longer and began moving to the rhythms and dancing at her seat. When all the actors on stage did their final bows she too made a grand bow back to the wonderful cast of this wonderful production. As we started to leave, all those around us that saw her dance complimented her as we left. Merry Zimmerman deserves only the highest accolades for this superb production of The Jungle Book. -John Ray of Schaumburg-
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