10/31/2012 10:52:57 PM

  • Dael channeled composite personalities from her experiences at homeless shelters brilliantly, but for my kid and I, a pair of only 8 men in an audience of over 80, it was not clear what her true goal was. Women trying to solve the brokenness of men is rather like men trying to solve the brokenness of women; makes little sense in a vacuum. Dael's talent is clear, but when combined with a gaggle of white women, seems like an attempt at monetizing, albeit poorly executed. Dael's performance left standing without the panel session of three spouting statistics would have worked. Add in the sadly choreographed panel afterwards, and I felt I should have been paid to attend. Pining the pocketbooks of the rich white women in the audience is a noble cause; Oprah did it, so why not Deal. Seeking dialog on a truly sad state of minority lads in our neighborhoods and this is the result; sad.