10/11/2012 6:09:17 AM

  • As a victim of female sexual abuse.perpetrated by a nun ( something that most people either do not believe happens or are not aware of..)..the play was hard to watch. Things do not end up pretty. And I now realize that if the cycle of abuse does stop with the victim... as in my case....the victim may unconsciously allow other types of abuse into their lives such as spousal emotional abuse..My case against the nun went thru the courts and we were again abused by the religious order who did anything they could to destroy us emotionally by initially negotiating in bad faith and in the end... not even being able to say that the order was sorry that it happened... even though the nun had been treated for a very serious mental illness before being relocated to the Chicago area to be let loose as a piano teacher operating out of a Catholic School. teaching in private. Thank you Goodman Theatre for having the courage to produce this play. And thank you to the playwright for putting 200% into her work.