4/6/2012 2:45:56 PM

  • I took a group of friends to Camino last night...I make a habit of not checking out a play beforehand so as to experience my own perspective...wrong decision this time. The play was soooo painful. We couldn't wait to exit the theatre, but because I was trapped I went from receptive mode into the cognitive to figure out what I was viewing and protect myself from the horror. First let me say that the work is a masterpiece, was well staged and very well acted. I felt compassion for the players who had done such a great job only to be faced with an audience all too eager to escape from what they'd witnessed...they deserved long applause and I'm writing this mostly to let someone know that I'm clapping enthusiastically from a safe distance. I guess that, for me, it's all too real, what our culture has lost over the past 60+ years, how the dream has been fractured, etc. I don't know how audiences in the 1950's, while the culture was Ozzie and Harrioting, reacted to such a message...perhaps the vivid imagery of blood and heart extraction were a necessary wake up call...as for myself and my little cluster of theatre goers, we are so painfully aware of the message of the piece that a little less graphic realism would have been plenty to get the powerful point across