3/8/2012 9:32:11 PM

  • Loved "Red", was engaged by "Race", was left with mouth agape after last night's viewing of "Camino Real". My vision was intermittently blocked by the stream of people leaving the premisses in mid "play". I and my companion were rooted in our seats as if voyeurs at a mass collision. Loved the Stage Set (wonderfully imagignative); felt deeply for the actors who must really need jobs during this economy. I believe they should get combat pay. As for what transpired on stage...well...! I believe a bunch of sophomores who had been sniffing glue, sexting, and secretly logged on to porno web sites for experience would have done a far better job of directing/staging. Tennesse Williams' poetic prose still came through when the gratuitous maelstrom of business didn't get in the way. The choices of music did add somewhat towards making this travesty somewhat more palatable. If the goal was to present life as being interminable until and beyond the end, then congratulations are due. If it was to present something fresh, inciteful and theatrically fulfilling then...fageddaboudit!!! I'[m not asking for my money back, but Is it possible to get back a wasted two hours of my life, please?