April 4 & 5, 2016 in Goodman's Albert Theatre

Around 90 minutes

"If you feel the rumble and stand on the edge of the earth, it's so different and mesmerizing…it's one of the experiences I live for."—Carsten Peter

Take an electrifying journey into some of our planet’s most extreme environments with Carsten Peter, a German photographer and filmmaker whose dramatic images have garnered both World Press Photo and Emmy Awards. A fearless explorer, Carsten is enthusiastically obsessed with devising innovative photographic techniques that allow him to capture dramatic, never-before-seen images of places few humans have ever dared to go. 

His ability to document the forces of nature has earned him numerous National Geographic assignments, including expeditions to Vietnam’s vast system of mammoth caves and to Mexico’s “Crystal Cave,” where enormous giant crystals look more like science fiction than fact.

Carsten has also rappelled into active volcanoes in the South Pacific and chased monster storms in Tornado Alley, earning a reputation for both his courage and his relentless quest to push the frontiers of exploration.  Living on the edge with his camera, he searches for nature at its purest—where survival depends on his wits and his skills as a climber, paraglider, caver, and diver.

Originally trained as a biologist, Carsten quickly traded in lab work for being out in the field soaking in the wonder of nature. “Since I was fifteen,” he said, “I’ve never put the camera away.”

Voyage with Carsten Peter to experience Earth at its extremes.

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