“Buzzer,” by Tracy Scott Wilson

“Buzzer,” by Tracy Scott Wilson

Posted by: Taysha Day at 02/18/2014 03:00 PM

“Buzzer” is a phenomenal play surrounding the life of an African American man named Jackson, his Caucasian girlfriend Suzy, and his friend Don. Jackson and Suzy are finally able to move in together and have to go through the struggles of allowing Don to live with him too. The past is resurfaced with memories that cause the trio to feud and release feelings that cause tensions.

The actors portrayed and delivered the characters of the trio in the right degree. The audience felt as though they were in the setting and experiencing and feeling the emotions the actors evoked. Jackson was depicted by Eric Lynch. He was able to show Jackson as a confident lawyer and somewhat defiant individual. Lee Stark illustrates Suzy as a woman that can handle conflicts on her own and tries not to let things bother her. Shane Kenyon presents the recovering alcoholic Don trying to put his life in order after numerous attempts with the help from his friends.

Seeing the stage hands on brought mixed emotions concerning the outcome. This may be connected to the fact that “Buzzer” was primarily for an adult audience. The youth could get confused about the setting in general since they haven’t been experienced to the life Jackson grew up with in Bronx, New York. Signs of restaurants dominated the stage with graffiti over them. Front and center was a wooden floor and a counter connected to a sink portraying Jackson and Suzy’s apartment. Behind it stood a fancy door of glass and black iron with a white frame. However, it’s always intriguing to see a prop move by itself onto stage, as the couch did.

“Buzzer” shows the growing feud that escalated between primarily two best friends. It brought to light the problem revolving around a man that grew up in a dangerous environment and had to work hard in order to succeed. His best friend grew up where he had pretty much everything, but threw his life down the drain with drug abuse. In the end, they were in opposite positions leading to their hidden feelings about things that have occurred in the past.

The three friends can already be inferred as long time friends. The mention of Jackson’s friend Don joining them annoys Suzy due to past events. Despite this, they all make the best out of it. The neighborhood is a place Jackson grew up and is all so familiar to him. It represents a crime filled street that makes Suzy cringe and feel unsafe. Jackson feels it is the right place because times are changing for the better. Don is a recovering alcoholic and tries to be this optimistic person through turmoil. Although he can be the one that causes arguments based on comments from the past. Much of their conflict is about the past that is coming back into light. Jackson can be perceived as a hard worker that works a lot keeping Suzy home alone with Don. Their relationship seems to grow stronger in a positive aspect, which leads to a juicy climax that could be predicted as the storyline progressed. The secret that Suzy and Don both keep secret eats away at them as they keep it away from Jackson. The audience reacts defiantly to this wanting the secret to reach Jackson because it is seen as the right thing to do. 

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