Finding Joy

Finding Joy

Posted by: Courtney Lilly at 11/24/2013 04:00 PM

“A Christmas Carol,” by Charles Dickens, is a play about an old man, Ebenezer Scrooge, who finds the joy of Christmas.  Jacob Marley, an old friend of Scrooge who is now deceased, wants Scrooge to change his ways for he is hated by the community. His spirit haunts Scrooge at night and tells him that he will encounter 3 ghosts that take him on a journey to visit the past, relive the present, and discover the future.  Scrooge is not too thrilled with this information. He doesn’t take this experience seriously until he realizes how his friends and relatives see him as a person. When people see Scrooge, they think of someone grumpy and mean. While visiting the future, Scrooge becomes horrified by the fact that when he dies, people won’t have pity or grief. They will be filled with joy that Ebenezer Scrooge is dead. In the end, Scrooge changes his ways and embraces the Christmas holiday.

Todd Rosenthal did an excellent job with the set design. The house that Scrooge lived in was very detailed and realistic. I could tell that the props, such as the fence, took a lot of time and effort to create. This shows dedication and hard work. Heidi Sue McMath, the costume designer, did a great job as well. The costumes were appropriate for the time period and helped embody the character. The transitions from different scenes were smooth. I liked that the setting changed many times and didn’t stay in one place for too long. The castings for the characters were perfect. I couldn’t see anyone else playing the roles for each character. One of my favorite scenes was when Scrooge was with the ghost of Christmas past. As a child, Scrooge was so happy and the total opposite of what he is now. It left me wondering what changed his attitude toward life and people. I also like the last scene when Scrooge came back to his family and friends as a changed man. They welcomed him with open arms.

I personally love the play. It receives 5 stars.  It was filled with drama, comedy, and fear. I loved how the mood changes from happy to intense or from calm to fearful.  The play is a life lesson for all. People should live life to the fullest and be aware of the way they are perceived by people. You never know how you portray yourself and what people think of you based on your actions. You want to leave a good reputation.

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