Beatrice Hall

The Goodman’s Spotlight Society members are dedicated supporters who have designated a special gift to benefit the Goodman through their estate plans. Goodman Subscriber and Spotlight Society member Barbara Joabson shares why she supports Goodman Theatre.


How long have you been a Subscriber?

Thirty years.


What was your favorite Goodman production?

Tennessee Williams’ The Night of the Iguana with William Petersen.


Have you been involved with theater yourself?

Recently, I’ve been directing and writing docu-dramas.  I’ve been in seven productions at the Lyric Opera since I retired in 1997. The Goodman’s Casting Director Adam Belcuore actually started my life as a performer; he cast me in a very small part as the Hiccup Lady in a production. I’ve been doing it ever since.


Why is theater so important in your life?

It’s always given me the opportunity to step outside of myself, either as someone who participates in theater as an audience member or on the stage.  


Do you support other arts and cultural organizations in Chicago?

Lyric Opera of Chicago, Lookingglass Theatre Company and Steppenwolf Theatre Company.


Why are you a Goodman Theatre Spotlight Society Member?

The Goodman has given me so much support and entertainment and brought richness to my life. It’s very important to give something back in the best way I can. It’s a thank you to Goodman, for all it’s meant to me.

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