Watch 2666

Originally produced February 6 - March 20, 2016.

This epic adaptation of Roberto Bolaño’s internationally acclaimed novel for the first time ever is now available to stream online.

A soaring adaptation of Chilean-born author Roberto Bolaño’s masterpiece, 2666 begins with a group of hapless European academics hot on the trail of an elusive author—a search that leads them into the dark heart of a Mexican border city where the murders of hundreds of women remain unsolved. This story gives way to a surprising, panoramic portrait of the 20th century that spans more than 100 years and jumps from Spain to Mexico to Germany and beyond, illuminating the power of literature to reflect and transform the world. An unflinching look at the nature of evil, 2666 is an ambitious new work unlike any other theatrical experience.

Sponsor language. Special thank you to Actors Equity, Directors Guild, Designers Union, etc. for making this possible.