Sept 23 - Oct 7, 2018 in Goodman's Owen Theatre

Around 90 minutes, no intermission

When an exciting job offer materializes, Janelle relocates to Texas and moves in with her partner, Kane. Meanwhile, a small-town police officer’s life is thrown into flux when the co-worker he's romantically involved with decides to leave town. When their worlds collide, Janelle and Kane experience firsthand how dangerous power can be. An unflinching but big-hearted look at how we navigate a world full of fear, Graveyard Shift is inspired by real events.

*PLEASE NOTE: Recommended for mature audiences.

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  • korde arrington tuttle

    korde arrington tuttle Playwright

  • Danya Taymor

    Danya Taymor Director

  • Japhet Balaban

    Japhet Balaban Brian

  • Meighan Gerachis

    Meighan Gerachis Trish

  • Aneisa J. Hicks

    Aneisa J. Hicks Janelle

  • Al'Jaleel McGhee

    Al'Jaleel McGhee Kane

  • Tyler Meredith

    Tyler Meredith Elise

  • Kevin Depinet

    Kevin Depinet Set Design

  • Noël Huntzinger

    Noël Huntzinger Costume Design

  • Jesse Klug

    Jesse Klug Lighting Design

  • Richard Woodbury

    Richard Woodbury Sound Design

  • Nikki Blue

    Nikki Blue Stage Manager