Choreographed Chess

Posted by: Elizabeth Elliott at 04/24/2012 01:32 PM
Choreographed Chess

Chess move notes on Fish Men script

Cándido Tirado’s Fish Men, now playing in the Owen Theatre, chronicles an afternoon in Washington Square Park with a group of chess hustlers who play a series of lightning-fast games designed to confuse and swindle any “fish” foolish enough to take them up on a match. But as audiences observe the speedy matches they may not know that the actors on stage aren’t just randomly moving pieces around as quickly as possible—they’re playing actual moves of actual games that they’ve memorized just like their lines and their blocking.

Playing the Part of a Survivor: Raúl Castillo

Posted by: Andrew Knight at 04/27/2012 03:14 PM
Playing the Part of a Survivor: Raúl Castillo

Cándido Tirado’s new play Fish Men, now playing in the Owen, is a fast-paced firecracker of a play that takes place on a sweltering afternoon in Washington Square Park, where a quick-witted group of chess hustlers play spirited matches hoping to make a profit off of unsuspecting “fish.” It’s a funny, sharp, exciting piece of theater, but it’s also a play that’s unafraid to tackle a dark and complex subject matter, as it’s quickly revealed that its central character, Rey Reyes, is a survivor of the Guatemalan civil war.

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