The Iceman Speaketh

Posted by: Neena Arndt at 04/20/2012 03:07 PM
The Iceman Speaketh

Waiting for the Iceman: Actual Vagrants in the 1910s

The Iceman is here, and he’s brought the language of 1912 with him.

After six weeks of rehearsal and nine months of anticipation, The Iceman Cometh begins preview performances in the Albert Theatre tomorrow night. Audiences, and especially O’Neillphiles, are in for a special treat, as the four-and-a-half-hour classic features a virtuoso ensemble that seamlessly become the residents of Harry Hope’s saloon, the Greenwich Village flophouse in which The Iceman Cometh is set.

“The Family Circle of Inmates”

Posted by: Marianne Cassidy at 04/26/2012 12:51 PM
“The Family Circle of Inmates”

The gang at Harry Hope’s have all known each other for years and all ages, professions, nationalities and creeds are welcome under Harry’s roof. Since the cast is so large and the characters so varied, we’ve compiled an intro to these colorfully drawn characters, each with a history and a pipe dream that is uniquely their own. 

The Iceman Speaketh, Part Two: Insults

Posted by: Neena Arndt at 05/04/2012 09:51 AM
The Iceman Speaketh, Part Two: Insults

If you want a poetically snarky insult, then William Shakespeare is probably your man (“you starveling, you elf-skin,”  “thou hast the most unsavoury similes,” etc.). But if you want a down-and-dirty dig without the floweriness of the bard, then Eugene O’Neill delivers.

At the Starting Line with Tara Sissom

Posted by: Elizabeth Elliott at 05/10/2012 03:44 PM
At the Starting Line with Tara Sissom

With nearly 50 performances of Iceman scheduled, the actors who work every day to bring this piece to life may have one perspective at the beginning of the eight-week run—when expectations are high and the general excitement of opening a show is pervasive—and another towards the end of the long run. We talked to Iceman cast member Tara Sissom, who plays one of the “tarts,” Pearl, to compare her perspective at the beginning of the run to her perspective at the end. Stay tuned to for our follow-up with Tara in mid-June.

The Iceman Speaketh, Part Three: Miscellaneous Terms

Posted by: Neena Arndt at 05/15/2012 03:18 PM
The Iceman Speaketh, Part Three: Miscellaneous Terms

In our first two installments of The Iceman Speaketh, we explored drinking terms and insults. Now for the miscellaneous catetory: words and phrases that O’Neill uses in Iceman that you don’t hear everyday.

Backstage with John Douglas Thompson

Posted by: Lesley Gibson at 06/01/2012 12:42 PM
Backstage with John Douglas Thompson

In his many years as a New York–based actor, John Douglas Thompson has built a reputation so stellar that he is now “regarded by some as the best classical actor in America,” according a recent profile in The New Yorker. But John’s gripping performance as Joe Mott in the Goodman’s production of The Iceman Cometh marks only the second Chicago production for this celebrated actor, and his first on the Goodman stage. Here’s our Backstage interview with this extraordinarily talented actor.

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