Jaq vs. Jax: An interview with Teddy Ferrara’s Jax Jackson

Posted by: Madeline Wolfe at 02/18/2013 03:37 PM
Jaq vs. Jax: An interview with Teddy Ferrara’s Jax Jackson

There are a lot of special things about Christopher Shinn’s new play Teddy Ferrara—now in the Owen Theatre through March 9—but one of the greatest is the young, diverse cast. A key member of the ensemble is actor Jax Jackson, the first transgender actor to appear on the Goodman stage. In Teddy Ferrara, Jax plays a transgender male student named Jaq, who is fighting for the voice of the LGBTQ community within the university, which has been stricken with tragedy. We spoke with Jax about his experience as part of the Teddy Ferrara cast.


AMA: Christopher Shinn

Posted by: Amanda ReCupido at 02/19/2013 12:18 PM
AMA: Christopher Shinn

We at the Goodman understand that once the final curtain goes down, the dialogue about a play is only beginning, and Teddy Ferrara is no exception. We’ve appreciated your comments so far and wanted to keep the conversation going, so we sent out a call for your questions on social media and forwarded them to Teddy Ferrara playwright Christopher Shinn, in the Goodman’s first “Ask Me Anything” (or “AMA” as it’s been popularized). Check out his responses below, and let’s continue the discussion!

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