All Hymns Considered: The Music of Crowns

Posted by: Gabriela Jirasek at 06/11/2012 04:51 PM
All Hymns Considered: The Music of Crowns

A major part of the popular appeal of Crowns is Regina’s seamless integration of several gospel standards into the musical, creating a score that is moving, celebratory, familiar and fun. To get into the spirit of Crowns, we’ve compiled a “greatest hits” guide to some of the classic tunes you may hear in the production. It’s an introduction to the music of Crowns and a mini-history of some of gospel music’s pioneers and most enduring voices.

Costuming Crowns: A Sketchbook

Posted by: at 07/12/2012 12:00 PM
Costuming Crowns: A Sketchbook

Now that you’ve met the creator of the costumes for the classy ladies of Crowns, here are some of the sketches to give you an idea of what the costumes looked like in their initial stages. Below each sketch is a caption that describes each character’s orisha and the colors that accompany it. Which Crowns costume is you favorite?

All Hymns Considered—Opus 2

Posted by: Madeline Wolfe at 06/22/2012 04:03 PM
All Hymns Considered—Opus 2

This week the theater is abuzz with gospel tunes as the Crowns cast prepare for the first preview performance on Saturday. With the launch of the run just days away, we have compiled the second half of our guide to the tunes that inspired this 10th anniversary production of Crowns. Check out these classic hymns—you can also listen to a playlist that includes Opus 1 of “All Hymns Considered” on the Goodman’s YouTube page

Women's Night: CROWNS

Posted by: Goodman Theatre at 07/13/2012 12:09 PM
Women's Night: CROWNS

Goodman Theatre celebrated Women's Night and honored the contributions of Chicago area women to the community. Watch a video of these women sharing their own crowns and "hattitude" stories.

Talking Crowns with Regina Taylor

Posted by: Amanda ReCupido at 07/26/2012 11:41 AM
Talking Crowns with Regina Taylor

Goodman Theatre has the high honor of celebrating the 10th anniversary of Crowns, now as a soaring musical with an expanded production featuring a fleshed-out cast performing new choreography and never-before-heard songs. Much like Yolanda’s journey, writer and director Regina Taylor has undergone her own journey with Crowns. We sat down with her to discuss the experiences and impact this show has had on her own life. 

Backstage with Melanie Brezill

Posted by: Elizabeth Elliott at 08/08/2012 11:03 AM
Backstage with Melanie Brezill

Actor Melanie Brezill made her Goodman debut in this summer’s production of Crowns, but this Chicago native is no theatrical rookie—she’s already appeared in Broadway in The Book of Mormon and throughout Chicago. Here’s our backstage interview with this talented Chicago-grown thespian.

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