An Interview with Cherene Snow

An Interview with Cherene Snow

Posted by: Goodman Theatre at 05/27/2015 10:40 AM

As the feuding family members of The Little Foxes go for each others' throats, their servants, Addie and Cal, witness the drama with a watchful eye. During a recent performance break Cherene Snow, who plays the family's maid Addie, spoke about her character and the race relations of the early 20th century when the play takes place.

What were your first impressions of The Little Foxes?

I loved The Little Foxes as I was reading it.

How did you initially feel about your character and the role she plays in the story?

I fell in love with Addie as I was reading the play. I love that she is so nurturing and strong even though she is a domestic/nanny and is not in a position of power, especially because of the time period and race relations.

Cherene Snow as Addie in The Little Foxes


While the topics discussed in The Little Foxes still feel contemporary (family sabotage, greed, social injustice), it can be difficult to watch the attitudes and actions of white people towards people of color during this period in history. How did you approach this tension in the rehearsal room and on stage?

I came to terms with having to play a domestic long before I ever entered the room. I've played them many times before so I have come to a place of comfort with that type of character/role. I realized that the role of a domestic for me, is a spiritual fulfillment I make to ancestors. On stage my feeling is the same. I am proud of who Addie is and who I am in portraying her.

From where did you draw inspiration for your role?

I believe that every role I have played and have yet to play is already within me so, I draw from within and from ancestors. They guide me, I believe, even when I am not conscious of it!

Rae Gray (Alexandra "Zan" Giddens),
John Judd (Horace Giddens and
Cherene Snow (Addie)

Have you imagined backstories for Addie and Cal? Perhaps their history with the Hubbards or their future after the play concludes?

I believe that Addie came with Horace and therefore inherited Regina and her family, but she was blessed with Alexandra. She has known Cal for a long time and they have come to trust each other over the years. I think that Addie and Alexandra go off together, and Addie is well taken care of by Alexandra until she leaves her earthly plane.

Addie and Cal are supporting characters to the story, but they showcase family/staff dynamics of the time period and also show some sense of a moral compass in a very immoral household. How have you chosen to bring the character forward within the family drama of the play?

Although Addie and Cal are domestics, I  never thought of them as less than or smaller than [the other characters]. I believe that, although they are watchers, they have a quiet power and know how to sustain their strength by never forgetting who they are and not getting lost in the poisonous family dynamics and greed of the Hubbards.

Cherene Snow (Addie) and John Judd (Horace Giddens) in The Little Foxes

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