Backstage with Mary Ann Thebus

Backstage with Mary Ann Thebus

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Long-time Chicago actor Mary Ann Thebus is currently on stage as Rapture, Blister, Burn's Alice, the mother of a college professor who enjoys unwinding by socializing and mixing her daugther some post-class martinis. Between performances Thebus herself sat down to chat about the sharp new play and her own life.

(L to R) Mary Ann Thebus (Alice Croll) and Jennifer Coombs (Catherine Croll) in Gina Gionfriddo’s Rapture, Blister, Burn, directed by Kimberly Senior


Place of birth and/or hometown:  My place of birth was Washington DC; My family moved to Chevy Chase, Maryland when I was nine years old. 

Current obsession (music, TV show, book etc.): I have no current obsessions really unless its my work, but I'm a big reader of well-written novels and poetry. I also have over 100 plants of various sizes in my apartment, so I guess that could be considered an obsession. Now that I think of it, I am rather obsessed with my grandchildren too!

Favorite Chicago spot (newly discovered or old favorite): Following on the heels of my last answer, my favorite spot in Chicago is Gethsemane Garden Center on Clark Street.

What drew you to Rapture, Blister, Burn? I like working at the Goodman, they treat actors well and with respect. I also like working with Kimberly Senior. This is our third play together and I find it deals with an interesting topic. I like the fact that the play is funny, not in a slapstick manner, but it's very humorous.

Who is the woman that inspires you most? My two daughters inspire me often. Both are fun and wise. Speaking of fun and wise, I also like the writer Anne Lamott.

What should audiences know before seeing Rapture, Blister, Burn?  They will be in for a fun evening, but one with a truthful, serious slant. 

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