Memories of "Brigadoon"

Memories of "Brigadoon"

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Part of the fun of showcasing a long-time favorite musical is listening to stories from those who have a personal connection to the show. We put out a call for stories from patrons who were a part of a production of Brigadoon during their life, and we received some fantastic memories! 


From: Mary Ann C.

While I was considered the “drama queen” of the family, seeing the joy on the face

of my younger, shyer sister in the ensemble of Brigadoon still brings a smile to my face. She was a high school junior, I was in college and our younger brother already had a band, so it was exciting seeing her take her first bow on stage. I’m still proud of that little sister who is a well-loved teacher in that same hometown.


Brigadoon memoryFrom: James D.


So blessed Goodman Theatre is doing this beloved show.

Such great memories from this show. My Fiona turned into my friend for life! Our production ran for limited performances in November of 2007 at St. James Church in Downtown Chicago. My Fiona was Anita Kallen and yours truly, James Edward Dauphin as Tommy.

As Lundie proclaimed 'even miracles,' I had went through a lot personally through the show and my Fiona guided me through so much more than our 'heather on the hill'.

Eternally grateful for her friendship, compassion and this show will always be special to me!


From: Jay K.

I was in the chorus singing baritone at South Shore High School in 1959.  It was not a full production, but featured songs followed by a narration of the plot. Two seniors were soloists, singing "Come to me Bend to Me." I remember never taking the plot seriously even then.  


Brigadoon MemoriesFrom: Brock H.

In 2012, I played Charlie Dalrymple in Plainfield High School's production of Brigadoon! My friend Amanda Kennedy played Meg Brockie. We have so many good memories from being in this show and it's now one of our favorite musicals! 


From: Richard N.

I played Harry Beaton in my high school musical debut in 1955. I had to take special dancing lessons from a member of the Rockford Kiltie Band. I learned to perform the Highland fling and the sword dance and actually joined the band after the performance ended.  We performed at various Scottish functions in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. As a result of my performance in Brigadoon, I was hooked on musical theater for life.  The student who played Tommy Albright in our production, Ron Husmann, went on to Broadway and had a starring role in the musical Fiorello among others.


Brigadoon memoryFrom: Louis S.

I was a chorus member in the 1990 Marshall (WI) Community Theatre production of Brigadoon. It was the most enjoyable musical I have done. The cast was incredible talented and everyone was able to relax and have a good time. Almost 25 years later I still am friends with people I met during this production.


From: Cynthia S.

I was a young girl and my parents took me to Brigadoon. My father was hard of hearing, so he got us seats close to the front, lucky me! I wore a plaid outfit with a plaid hat, and as a consequence I was noticed by the cast. I have always loved the musical.


From: Lauren S.

Brigadoon at Byron High School in Byron, Illinois in 2008 was one of my favorite theater experiences. It was my senior year of high school and I had the opportunity to play Fiona and share the stage with some of my best friends, some who had done theater with me throughout high school and others who chose to try a musical for the very first time. This is a musical I treasure and I can’t wait to come see it at the Goodman with a group from that very production in 2008!

Brigadoon Memory


From: Kathy G.L.

I played the part of Maggie Anderson in three productions of Brigadoon at Illinois State University in 1976, North Central College in 1980 and with Fox Valley Players in Yorkville in 1990. I'd do it again in a minute!


From: Paul W.

Dear Goodman Theatre,

I want to share with you the utter delight that my wife, Judith, and I have for your upcoming production of Brigadoon. I first met Judith in the spring of 1967. I had decided not to spend my senior year of high school as a continuing member of the varsity tennis team, but to try a thespian experience: the play was Brigadoon. I auditioned and received a principal part.  I first set eyes on my future best friend and wife-to-be as she worked on the costume design team. She is as beautiful today as on this first day. That was 47 years ago. On August 17, we will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. Brigadoon and its story resonate strongly with us and we are very excited that Goodman Theatre is putting our play into production in a year which is special to us. We are looking forward to a wonderful evening of theater in anticipation of our personal celebration which began with the "magic" of Brigadoon. Thank you for your excellent planning!


Brigadoon memoryFrom: Peegan P.

Wonderful high school memories as Bonnie Jean... Dancing, singing and I was able to wear a beautiful wedding dress and kiss my first crush!

I'm looking forward to singing along with you all at Brigadoon at the Goodman.



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