The Goodman Guide to Fake Twitter-verse

The Goodman Guide to Fake Twitter-verse

Posted by: Sam Barickman at 06/19/2014 12:30 PM

Seth Bockley's Ask Aunt Susan introduces us to Aunt Susan, a twenty-something man who moonlights as a female online advice guru. In keeping with the show’s themes, we have collected some of the funniest fake online personalities the Twitter-verse has to offer. See them all below the jump!

Unfinished Scripts @UnfinishedS

A Good Match for playwrights looking for inspiration, actors looking for something to chew on or anyone who wants to make their workday a little more dramatic.
Not a Good Match for anyone who finds cliffhangers anxiety-producing, or anyone actually looking for a great new screenplay.


Kim Kierkegaardashian @Kimkierkegaard

A Good Match for those who “Keep Up” with this stuff, budding philosophers and fashionistas alike.
Not a Good Match for those who find the words “futile” and “melancholic” well… futile and melancholic.


God @TheTweetofGod

A Good Match for those who wish the voice of God was a 21st century sassy Mark Twain.
Not a Good Match for those who worry about Godzilla being a real thing.


Sarcastic Rover @SarcasticRover

A Good Match for space camp alumni, Cosmos viewers or robot enthusiasts.
Not a Good Match for NASA employees, Edward Snowden and Martians.


Feminist Hulk @feministhulk

A Good Match for feminists, Hulk lovers, people whose pants don’t fit.
Not a Good Match for misogynists, sticklers for grammar, people who loathe CAPS LOCK.

Ask Aunt Susan must close June 27. Get your tickets now before it is gone.

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