Backstage with Robyn Scott

Backstage with Robyn Scott

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Robyn Scott serves up the goods as a hilarious diner waitress in Ask Aunt Susan, Seth Bockley's sharp new satire about the Internet era. Robyn recently took a break from taking breakfast orders to answer a few "backstage" questions. Check out her answers below!

(L to R) Alex Stage (Aunt Susan) and Robyn Scott (Jill) in Ask Aunt Susan by Seth Bockley, directed by Henry Wishcamper.

Place of birth and/or hometown? 

I’m a Texan. I was born in a small town, Temple, which is about an hour north of Austin. I moved to Dallas when I was 13 and then went to college in Lubbock. Even though it’s been 20 years since I’ve lived in the Lone Star state, when I travel abroad and people ask me where I’m from I say, “Texas.” It’s in our DNA I reckon. 

First professional role/production you were in?

The first time I ever got a check for acting was when I performed Parallel Lives at the Times Union Performing Arts Center in Florida. I couldn’t believe I was getting money to do something I’d gladly do (and had done) for free. Soon after that, I moved to Chicago to pursue comedy full time. 

Favorite professional role/production you were in?

Now this is a tough one, so I’m going to mention two. Is that ok? Oh good. Thank you.  

Darby Mellencamp (a character I co-created with Rosie O’Donnell on her OWN talk show a couple of years ago) was the perky, midwestern housewife who offered her positive spin on bad news in the media. She was a sort of homage to Gilda Radner’s character Roseanne Roseannadanna. Darby told funny stories about her two Schnauzers who weren’t potty trained. She would often clarify that she had no relation to John Cougar, although she did live in a little pink house and sometimes came home to a little ditty by Jack & Diane. "Get it? Like the song?" Those were her dogs’ names. She didn’t set up jokes very well and had to over explain them, causing them to lose their humor. Like this. 

I played a nasty little fellow named Rick Wolf in the award-winning web series Rick & Len Fix $h!t In Your House. As a curvy lady, doing drag isn’t easy. All the binding and smooshing was worth it because this character brought me so much joy. Rick is a not-so-handy man who (based on the comedy stylings of Wile E. Coyote) gets severely injured in every episode. Sadly, he is not a looker. In fact, if you were to combine a neanderthal version of Willie Aames circa Charles In Charge, a junkyard dog and bag of gravel, you’d have Rick. Want to have a look for yourself? Check out

Dream role or production you hope to be in in the future?

I had a recent conversation about ‘night Mother and getting the chance to play Jessie would be incredible. Also...if there is ever a remake or stage version of Tootsie, I would love to play Michael Dorsey playing Dorothy Michaels. This is not a bit. Drag on drag? Yes, please.

Role you know you’ll never get to play because of your age/sex/race but would love to play in an alternate universe, and why?

A muppet. Because I’m a human. 

“But Robyn, you could be a puppeteer?”
I want to BE a muppet.
“Which one?”
Fozzie’s ex-wife. Fozzie’s VERY FED UP ex-wife. 

Production or role you've experienced as an audience member that left you speechless?

Last year I saw Bill Larkin in A Class Act at Porchlight Music Theatre and my jaw dropped. I forgot I was watching my dear friend on stage. Bill and I met at The Second City and we’ve written/performed sketch comedy together for years. I’ve always known he was a musical wizard and a comedic genius, but his dramatic portrayal of Ed Kleban blew my mind and broke my heart. Bill won the Jeff Award for his performance. 



See Robyn Scott in Ask Aunt Susan now through June 22! Get tickets now.

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