The White Snake: A Gif-Story

The White Snake: A Gif-Story

Posted by: at 04/24/2014 04:48 PM

Never heard of The White Snake?

With roots in Chinese oral tradition, it’s a classic fable that’s been adapted countless times—from operas and ballets to stage musicals, television series and films. But many may not be as familiar with the story of the White Serpent turned beautiful maiden who descends from her mountain home to enjoy more earthly pleasures. So here’s a primer on The White Snake story (we promise no spoilers!).

Once upon a time… a White Snake lived alone in cave far a top a nearby mountain. Living alone with no visitors except for a few mice, she was quite lonely and bored.


So to fight off the unending boredom, White Snake decides she should study. And she studies and studies and studies.


For over 1,000 years she studies so much that she learns to control the weather, and fly through the sky and and defeat enemies in battle. Most importantly, she learns how to transform herself from a slithery snake to a beautiful young woman.


One day, after a long studying session, White Snake’s old friend Green Snake decided to drop by for a surprise visit.


Always the restless type, Green Snake pleads with White Snake to take a trip down the mountain to explore the world below.


White Snake agrees to go with Green Snake and together they turn themselves into two beautiful women to impart on a great journey.


After traveling all afternoon and exploring all the wonders of nature…


White Snake spies a handsome young man on their path named Xu Xian.


Instantly enamored with the young man, White Snake decides to travel with Green Snake to his village under the pretense of living there herself.


Having unexpectedly found true love, White Snake vows to remain a human forever.

And that’s when things get interesting… BUT we don’t want to spoil the whole story! So come join us to see what happens.



  • Posted by: Dale at 04/28/2014 08:48 PM
    Just got this from Goodman. Thought you and Lisa and Alison would enjoy
  • Posted by: cendy at 05/07/2014 11:00 PM
    the white snake was fantastic! costumes, set, live music, and superb acting/choreography throughout made this a treat. suitable for children over ten who can listen well. highly recommended!!

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