Costuming Luna Gale: An Interview with Kaye Voyce

Costuming Luna Gale: An Interview with Kaye Voyce

Posted by: Madeline Wolfe at 01/29/2014 12:00 PM

Costume designer Kaye Voyce, who also designed Other Desert Cities and Shining City at the Goodman, was tasked with the responsibility of dressing the cast of Luna Gale. The play is set in present day, so we were curious to know how Voyce designs costumes that will look like the audience's own clothes, but still add to the story. Check out our interview with Voyce below to learn more.

   Colin Sphar as Peter in Luna Gale

What kind of research did you do in preparation for curating costumes for Luna Gale?

Kaye Voyce: I watched a lot of documentaries on addiction, small town America, social work, etc. And some Teen Mom just to round it out. Also, I'm originally from a small town in Wisconsin so some of it just comes from memory.

What has the process been like working with playwright Rebecca Gilman and director Robert Falls?

KV: The process was very easy and conversational—with Bob more about the general approach to the show and with both of them about specific looks.

Do you interact much with the actors prior to deciding what pieces they will wear?

KV: I try to be in rehearsal as much as possible early on, just to get to know the actors a little and eavesdrop on the background work they're doing. It's also good to just get to know their different energies and styles.


Mary Beth Fisher, Erik Hellman
and Melissa DuPrey in Luna Gale


What do you hope the clothes portray for the characters in Luna Gale?

KV: I hope the clothes just feel like real and inevitable choices for these people in 2013 Cedar Rapids, Iowa.



What has been your favorite play to costume?

KV: That is always whatever I'm currently working on!

Mary Beth Fisher and Jordan Baker in Luna Gale


To learn more about Kaye Voyce, check out her bio here.


  • Posted by: Northfield at 02/27/2014 08:44 PM
    There's definately a lot to find out about this issue. I really like all the points you made.

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