Henry Godinez on Home/Land

Henry Godinez on Home/Land

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For the third Latino Theatre Festival in a row, all of us at the Goodman are thrilled to present Albany Park Theater Project (APTP)—and their sold-out hit from last summer, Home/Land. If only there were arts organizations like APTP in every neighborhood in Chicago, in every neighborhood in the country…what a wonderful world it would be. 

Grounded in a deep commitment to social justice, this unique multi-ethnic teen ensemble works with their incredibly gifted artistic staff to identify a theme, and then they venture out into the community to interview people who live the reality of that issue. Over the course of a year, under the guidance of Artistic Director David Feiner and his remarkable cohort of directors, musicians and choreographers, this group of young people devise the raw interview material into some of the most compelling and beautifully realized theater anywhere in the country. 

Still, the emotional power and critically acclaimed production values of APTP’s work are only the tip of the iceberg. Albany Park Theater Project staff support and tutor these teens throughout their high school careers to help them make the best grades possible. They council them through the college application process, even paying for their visits to prospective schools, and advocating on their behalf to admissions and financial aid offices.  This year, the result is that all six graduating seniors have been accepted to prestigious colleges and universities, with enviable financial aid packages.

In my heart I have always believed that theater can make a difference in the world, but very rarely have I seen as direct and profound a proof of that belief as I have with APTP.  This hidden gem of a company, tucked away on Chicago’s northwest side, one of the most ethnically diverse communities in the United States, makes a difference on both sides of the stage lights, moving and motivating audiences even as it transforms the lives of its young people. So if you need to rejuvenate your faith in the future of Chicago, run with your family and friends to see Albany Park Theater Project’s Home/Land.  I promise that you’ll be inspired!

--Henry Godinez

Want to learn more about APTP? Watch this special video to see how this theater group has touched the lives of many. Get tickets now.

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