A Note from Mary Zimmerman

A Note from Mary Zimmerman

Posted by: Goodman Theatre at 06/12/2013 05:18 PM


I am saddened that the remarks that appeared in a recent Chicago magazine interview with me have caused consternation and hurt among members of the South Asian community and others. In no way did I ever intend to belittle the pervasive effects of British colonialism on the nation of India or its people, nor did I mean to condone in any way the deplorable realities of racism as it continues to be experienced by members of our society or in the world at large. 

The Jungle Book is about many things: love, joy, courage, and, above all, humanity. These are the qualities that have enabled it to live for over a century, despite the admittedly complex and controversial relationship we may now have with its creator, and these are the qualities which I hope will be evident in this new incarnation.

Read a converation between Mary Zimmerman and Silk Road Rising's Jamil Khoury.

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