InstaSet: Behind the Scenes of Other Desert Cities

InstaSet: Behind the Scenes of Other Desert Cities

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While Other Desert Cities is now well underway, we thought you might enjoy getting a behind-the-scenes look at how the set came together. We asked Mike Durst, an electrician in the lighting department here at the Goodman, to snap a few Instagram photos for us during the construction process. Below are his pictures with a little information about what you are seeing. 


1. This the ceiling piece for Other Desert Cities hanging at
level waiting for lights to be installed before it is
raised and the
rest of the room is built underneath it. 


2. This is with the ceiling flown out and the walls, fireplace,
and windows installed. All the set dressing and carpet is still
to come.


3. This is my view from the ceiling while focusing the lights. It's
at this
point when the Lighting Designer comes in after all the
lights are installed and we aim and adjust the position of the
lights as directed by the designer. In this view I'm just upstage
of the honeycomb wall on Stage Right.


4. Another photo from focus.  I'm in a Genie lift about 30' in
the air focusing a 5000watt Fresnel upstage of the windows.


Below are a few shots from the production of the finished product. See the set up close by coming to Other Desert Cities—but hurry, it closes February 17!

John Hoogenakker (Trip Wyeth), Chelcie Ross (Lyman Wyeth), Deanna Dunagan (Polly Wyeth), Linda Kimbrough (Aunt Silda) and Tracy Michelle Arnold (Brooke Wyeth) in the living room set of the Wyeth home. Look above them to see the ceiling piece featured in image #1. (Photo by Liz Lauren)


Deanna Dunagan as matriarch Polly Wyeth in Other Desert Cities. Behind her is the honeycomb wall featuired in image #3. (Photo by Liz Lauren)



About Mike Durst:
Mike Durst is a Union Electrician here in the Lighting Dept. He has been with the Goodman since December of 2005.  Before coming to the Goodman he was the Asst. Lighting Supervisor at La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego California. Durst also does freelance lighting design.

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