Backstage with: Carlo Lorenzo Garcia

Backstage with: Carlo Lorenzo Garcia

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We are thrilled to have Carlo Lorenzo Garcia back in the theater for another year as a part of the New Stages Festival. Mr. Garcia was gracious enough to answer a few quick questions for us between tech rehearsals for The Solid Sand Below, which starts December 8 and runs through December 22. Tickets are free and going fast, so reserve now!

  Photo by Joe Mazza

1. Place of birth and/or hometown? 

Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago. 

2. First professional role/production you were in? 

First professional role was Baby in MOJO by Jez Butterworth. It was directed by the amazing David Cromer at Mary-Arrchie Theatre. It was a true rock-n-roll ensemble piece with some really great actors like Dan Waller, Hans Fleischmann, Rob Fagin, Sean Cooper, & Brad Bukauskas. I played the part of Baby, which is the role Michael Shannon played in the Steppenwolf production. It was such a challenging, fun, and enigmatic character to portray and a great first role to have as a professional actor. Shortly, after MOJO I became a company member with Mary-Arrchie Theatre Co. MOJO is currently being staged in London:

3. Favorite professional role/production you were in?

One of my favorite roles was playing Memo in El Nogalar at Goodman Theatre. I enjoyed the process of working on Tanya Saracho's wonderful script and acting with such a talented ensemble including Yun Pardo, Sandra Delgado, Charin Alvarez, and Christina Nieves. It was my first time performing at the Goodman and it was such a beautiful introduction that I keep coming back for more. 

4. Dream role or production you hope to be in in the future? 

Honestly, I've had an opportunity to play many of my dream roles including Vince in Buried Child, Austin in True West, Richard III, Elvis Presley, & Woyzeck. The just made a musical of fusing Jeff Buckley songs and the story of Romeo & Juliet called The Last Goodbye, I don't do a lot of musicals but I am a huge fan of Jeff Buckley and would love to dust off my falsetto for that one. 

5. Role you know you’ll never get to play because of your age/sex/race but would love to play in an alternate universe, and why? 

Good Question, I'm too old now, but I would have loved to have played William in Punk Rock by Simon Stephens. I really loved that script when I read it and Jonathan Berry directed an excellent production of it a few years ago that was top notch. Excited to get to work with him on The Solid Sand Below. 

6. Production or role you've experienced as an audience member that left you speechless? 

Most recently, I thoroughly enjoyed Interrobang Theatre Project's production of Terminus by Mark O'Rowe. I really fell in love with the script and wanted to produce it at Mary-Arrchie, so while I was familiar with the play, I was extremely impressed with the production. Interrobang fully realized the piece with a strong acting ensemble including Michaela Petro and Christina Hall, two amazing actresses in Chicago right now. Terminus is basically three intertwined monologues that are so brutally honest, violent, funny and heartbreaking that it takes the audience on a whirlwind of emotions. It's story telling at its simple best. 

Want to learn more about Carlo Lorenzo Garcia? Read his full artist bio here

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