Goodbye Red Hot, Hello Something Wild

Goodbye Red Hot, Hello Something Wild

Posted by: Madeline Wolfe at 08/16/2012 12:01 PM

With a sad farewell the Goodman 2011/2012 Season came to a close on Sunday with the final performance of Crowns. But then just two days later we welcomed in the 2012/2013 Season with the first rehearsal of Sweet Bird of Youth! Before we jump into the new season with all its rich and exciting content ahead, we wanted to take a minute to look back on a great RED HOT season and remember some of our favorite moments. We put out a call for stories on Twitter, Facebook and around the office. Here are some favorites; let us know if we missed anything in the comment section below!

"My favorite on stage moment was from Robert Falls' production of Red. It was when Ed Gero & Patrick Andrews painted the canvas to beautiful string music. I saw the play three times and each time the audience applauded after it. Truly one of the best on stage moments this season at Goodman Theatre!" —Danielle Stack (Facebook Fan)

"The glowing red painting at the ed of Red." —Jacob Devine (Twitter Fan)

"My favorite part of the past season would have to be Tom McElroy going on for Brian [Dennehy] in the first preview of The Iceman Cometh. I remember standing at the back of the main floor as Bob was telling the audience that Brian wasn’t going on and lots of people groaning. When he said that Tom was going on in his place there were some that gave a round of applause. No one came out and complained that Brian wasn’t in the show, everyone just accepted it and enjoyed the show." —Chris Smith (Gooodman Theatre, front of house management)

"Almost anything that the actors in Camino did but specifically when they were moving to 'I put a spell on you.' It was so dark and violating that it made me cry, and I have never cried at a play or movie before. It definitely opened some unexplored emotions inside of me." —Andrew Wnuk (Facebook Fan)

"Stephen Ouimette as Harry hope in act three [of The Iceman Cometh] when he decides to take the walk around the ward and when he returns." —Gloria Friedman (Facebook Fan)

Stephen Ouimette as Harry Hope and Nathan Lane as Hickey in The Iceman Cometh


"I really liked the long fade up at the top of Iceman as daybreak broke revealing that location and the inhabitants of the bar! Stunning." —Dana Black (Goodman Theatre, executive assistant to Roche Schulfer)

"I loved the 'ring shout' dance in Crowns. The rhythmic music and dancing made the whole house shake, and I really like the nod to the evolution of hip hop as Yolanda [Marketta Wilder] took to the center of the circle at the end." —Madeline Wolfe (Goodman Theatre, new media assistant)

"@GoodmanTheatre Byron in Camino Real standing at the front of the stage declaring, 'Make voyages! Attempt them! There is nothing else.'" —Maggie Ellsworth (Twitter Fan)

"Picking a single moment from Camino Real is near impossible, as so many moments were profound and beautiful. I suppose, however, I’ll narrow it to one and recall the moment we, the audience, first saw the full lighting rig. It came down and from the fly space and in seconds the Albert was completely transformed. The glow was harsh and gorgeous all at once, awe inspiring in it’s size, color, and sheer quantity, but still jarring as it called out to all of the worst images on the Vegas strip. I could feel the heat pouring off the stage from all that light. It was impossible to look away. Every time I went to Camino Real thereafter (which was a lot) I waited for that rig to come down so I could watch the rest of the audience jaws’ drop while I bathed in neon." —Teresa Rende (Goodman Theatre, education and community engagement associate)

"We were in a box, so we missed the dramatic staging of Harry Hope's exit from the saloon in Iceman—after seeing the photos we were suitably disappointed. However, in the same production, our seat allowed us to see Brian Dennehy staring stoically at the audience, but flash a barely perceptible smile at a line of dialogue he particularly liked." —Bruce Rodman (Facebook Fan)

Zainab Jah as Prudence in The Convert  

"Favorite moment of 2011/2012 season: anytime Prudence was onstage during The Convert. She was ahha-mazing..." —Gabriela Jirasek (Goodman Theatre, new media manager)





"Even though there were a lot of great moments on stage over the last season, I personally think the attached picture [below] was my favorite. I had never seen anything like this show on any stage before, and was spellbound through the entire show, but in particular, loved this scene." —Patrick Wonzy (Goodman Theatre, front of house management)

Carolyn Ann Hoerdemenn in Camino Real


"Only got to see Red, but it was one of the best things I saw last year. First time I saw it, I bought the play, and I've read it at least 10 times. Such a great play!!!" —Jacob Reyes (Facebook Fan)

"'[In Red:] ROTHKO (after he fires Ken): 'Because your life is out there! Listen, kid, you don’t need to spend any more time with me. You need to find your own contemporaries and make your own world, your own life…You need to get out there now, into the thick of it, shake your fist at them, talk their ear off…Make them look…Make something new.'

The brilliance of Ed Gero and Patrick Andrews in this moment was palpable. Also, this passage really resonated with me—professionally and personally—as this season I bid farewell to two terrific associates with whom I’d been working for several years." —Denise Schneider (Goodman Theatre, publicity director)

"@GoodmanTheatre No question: Camino Real, 'I Put a Spell on You'" —Joe Zarrow (Twitter Fan)

"Nathan Lane as Hickey in act four of Iceman when Hickey gives his last speech was amazing." —Alex Joritz (Facebook Fan)

"One of my favorite moments was in Red when Ed Gero and Patrick Andrews 'primed' the canvas in a flurry of synchonized activity, then stood back to admire their work." —Lisa Feingold (Goodman Theatre, associate director of development)

"There is a chilling moment in Camino Real when the naïve Kilroy finally realizes how sinister a place he’s gotten himself into. He has just witnessed a graphic, violent murder at the Ritz Men Only hotel. When offered the dead man’s now-available room by Lobo, the murderer, Kilroy takes a few steps back and says his trademark line, 'Kilroy is here.' He then points to the corpse, and with defiance and desperation declares, 'and he’s not about to be there.' It’s heartbreaking, because everybody knows that of course he is about to be there."—Lesley Gibson (Goodman Theatre, communications coordinator)

Some other favorites heard around the office:

The first time the floor lights up as a chess board in Fish Men.

The scene in Dartmoor Prison in which all the prisoners are trapped isolation boxes. One by one the lights come up onto each of them as they realize how close they are to one another.

An unforgettable moment in Race: when a letter Charles, the accused rapist, wrote to his college roommate years ago resurfaces and is read aloud. Even though the content of the letter was uncomfortable, it was a major turning point in the play and revealed layers of complexity to the plot and the character in an instant. 

The moment in The Convert when Jekesai opens the blanket she is wrapped in to reveal that she's covered in blood.

In Crowns, when the entire stage and proscenium were covered in a beautiful projection of ocean waves rising and falling.

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