Costuming Crowns: A Sketchbook

Costuming Crowns: A Sketchbook

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Now that you’ve met the creator of the costumes for the classy ladies of Crowns, here are some of the sketches to give you an idea of what the costumes looked like in their initial stages. Below each sketch is a caption that describes each character’s orisha and the colors that accompany it. Which Crowns costume is your favorite? Leave us a comment at the bottom of the post! You can also see the finished costumes in our production photos.



Colors:  White and blues    

Jeanette is cute, young and flirty; her design was inspired by the African orisha Yemaya, god of the ocean, the essence of motherhood and a protector of children.



Colors: White and red

The Pastor’s wife and “first lady” of the Southern church. Mabel is the most stylish and flamboyant but tasteful of the group; she has a strong personality.  Her design was inspired by the African orisha Shango, the god of fire, lightning and thunder.




"Mother Shaw"

Colors: White, silver and gray 

Elder of the Southern ladies; she has the classic look of the wise mother of the African orishas and the church women.  Design for this costume was inspired by the African orisha Obatala, the eldest of all orisha, who was granted authority to create the earth.


Colors: White and purples

Velma is young and a little over the top for the Southern church ladies group. Design for her costume was inspired by the African orisha Oya, the warrior-spirit of the wind, lightning, fertility, fire and magic.



Colors: White, gold and yellow

Wanda is regal, sharp and fashionably stylish. Her design was inspired by the African orisha Oshun, the god of love, maternity and marriage.


Colors: White, green and metallics

A teenager from Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood. She has an edgy, streetwise look; a mix of hip-hop, Harajuku and street-warrior style.


  • Posted by: John Whitton at 07/17/2012 04:43 PM
    Crowns sounds good but alas, I've left Chicago. Immediate Family deserved a bigger house: it was intriguing, entertaining, amusing, and all-in-all, a fun evening at the Goodman.
  • Posted by: Veronica Taylor at 07/17/2012 05:46 PM
    LOve it! would love to work with designer!

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