The Jungle Book Photo Album

The Jungle Book Photo Album

Posted by: Lesley Gibson at 05/21/2012 04:14 PM
 TJ Gerkens, Dan Ostling, Ajay Rathore Singh,
Leo Chiang, Mara Blumenfeld, Doug Peck
at the Taj Mahal. Credit:  Zimmerman

Mary Zimmerman’s new musical adaptation of The Jungle Book is coming to the Goodman next summer. Even though it’s is still more than a year away (performances start June 21, 2013), Mary and her design team have long been at work developing the production as part of a process that began many months ago with music and dance workshops, and will likely continue right up through rehearsals next spring.

It’s important to note that The Jungle Book won’t simply be a stage adaptation of the Disney movie, but rather an adaptation that draws from both the Disney film and the tales that inspired it, Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book,  a collection of children’s stories set in the Indian jungle that date back to 1894. Kipling had a personal history with the balmy Indian landscape—he was born in India in 1865 to a pair of British nationals, and spent the first six years of his life in Bombay and several years as an adult in Lahore (he was schooled, in-between, in England). As a result, his stories are rich with evocative details of the land he considered home.

The Jungle Book team: Mary Zimmerman, Lighting Designer TJ Gerckens, Set Designer Dan Ostling, Costume Designer Mara Blumenfeld and Musical Director Doug Peck in their mini-van.
Credit: Chiang/Ostling


Mara Blumenfeld at Karauli Palace, Rajasthan.
Credit: Zimmerman

To gain a sense of the sights and sounds that inspired Kipling to create these wild, wonderful stories, Mary and her design team traveled to India last December; she was kind enough to let us share a few photos of their travels with you. Like I said, the final product of this journey is still a long ways away, but some of the colors, shapes, patterns, textures and images you see below may end up in bold, bright display on the Goodman’s stage next summer, in one form or another.

Only Subscribers are able to guarantee seats to The Jungle Book now—subscribe to the 2012/2013 season here to secure your spot. 

Credit: Zimmerman
Doug records music. Credit: Zimmerman
Credit: Zimmerman

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