Inside the Alice

Unique among U.S. theaters, the Alice Rapoport Center for Education and Engagement—“the Alice”—is a 10,000 square foot LEED certified space (upon completion) that is accessible via the second floor of the Goodman mezzanine. Working with Wheeler Kearns Architects on a lease agreement with Friedman Properties, the Goodman connects its current facility at 170 N. Dearborn with an adjacent upper-level space (at the northwest corner of Dearborn and Randolph, above Petterino’s restaurant) and transform 10,000 square feet into classrooms, a hands-on STEM technology and learning lab, rehearsal spaces and more. The new facility will enable the Goodman to exponentially expand its education and outreach programs, including the numbers of educators served in its Teacher Training program and young people reached through youth intensive activities, as well as a host of intergenerational activity for lifelong learners.


Renderings of the Alice Rapoport Center by Wheeler Kearns Architects

entrance to the center


reception to hallway


Studio Seminar Space