Apply to be a Partner School

How to Apply

Applications for new schools are currently closed. Please email with questions or concerns.

The School Matinee Series application consists of four parts. The teaching team will fill out the first three parts consecutively in Typeform. The principal will fill out the fourth part in Typeform. Once you have started the application, you will not be able to save and come back later. Please take a look at the information needed for all necessary components below in preparation of filling out the application.

*Under Part 1: Basic Information, Teacher (1) should be considered the contact teacher.  Any subsequent emails in sent out as part of the application process will be sent to Teacher (1) first.

Part 1: Basic Information

In this section, you will answer some basic information questions about the school, principal, and teaching team. This includes:

School Address, Phone Number, and Region (if you are a CPS school)

Name, Email and Pronouns for Principal and Teaching Team

Additional Information from the Teaching Team:

  • IEIN

  • Dietary Restrictions

    • We provide meals at many teacher workshops.

  • Subject and Grade to be taught in conjunction with the SMS

  • Home Address

    • An account is created for each teacher in our customer service database, Tessitura. This allows us to book tickets to performances and track your participation in the SMS.

    • Please do not use your school’s address.

  • Cell Phone

    • This number will only be used in the event you are late for a performance and we can’t contact you at your school.

  • Email

  • How many years each teacher has been teaching

Total number of requested tickets

  • We will also ask you to break down the number of requested tickets by teacher

Any special accommodations your students may need to attend the performances


Part 2: Teacher Short Answer Questions

In this section, we ask that you fill out a few questions to help us get a sense of the culture of your school and how you plan to use the School Matinee Series in your curriculum. Your principal will also fill out corresponding short answer questions in Part 4. In this Typeform, you will be able to either upload a .pdf, .doc, or .docx file that contains your answers or fill in the answers within the survey.

  1. Without enthusiastic and strongly committed teachers, the Goodman’s School Matinee Series cannot achieve its goals. Please tell us how your group’s skills, background, and commitment to arts education will contribute to our program. (This answer should be between 500-750 words.)

  2. How do you plan to integrate Goodman productions and support materials into your course work? Feel free to detail lesson plans.

  3. Does your school currently have a theater or arts program? Are these programs, if any, after school or during school hours?  How are you, individually or as a group, involved with that program? Have you integrated these programs into your coursework?

  4. Have you been involved in similar educational programs with other theaters, arts organizations or community organizations? If so, please tell us how long you were involved and describe how this relationship benefited your students.

  5. Please describe the teacher professional development offered at your school. What goals do you have for your professional development?


Part 3: Demographics

Goodman Theatre’s School Matinee Series is kept free for participating schools in large part by the generosity of corporations and foundations who strongly believe in supporting arts education. To ensure that we continue to receive such funding, we need the following demographic information from your school. These are the same questions we are asked when applying for these highly competitive grants.

What percentage of your student population fall under following ethnicities?

  • African-American

  • Asian/Pacific Islander

  • Latino/Hispanic

  • Multiracial

  • Native American

  • White/Caucasian

  • Other

What geographical areas does your school serve?

What is the median household income in the areas served by your school?

If you are CPS school, what percentage of your students participated in the free lunch program?

If you are a parochial school, what percentage of your students are on scholarship?

What is the average number of absences per student at your school?

What is the percentage of students graduating within 4 years at your school?

What is the percentage of students graduating within 5 years at your school?


Part 4: Principal Short Answer Questions

An email will automatically be sent to your principal following your completion of Part 1. It will contain the following link ( questions:

  1. Please describe how your school is committed to integrating the arts into everyday education, and why your school is in a position to benefit from School Matinee Series.

  2. Does your school participate in educational programs with other theaters, arts organizations or community organizations? If so, please tell us how long you have been involved and describe how this relationship benefits your students.

  3. How will you encourage the participating team of teachers to interact at school and jointly incorporate Goodman productions into their course work?

  4. Does your school have any policies limiting students’ or teachers’ field trips per year?

  5. Please describe the teacher and staff professional development offered at your school. What goals do you have for professional development at your school?


After Your Application is Received

Upon receipt and evaluation of your application, the teaching team will be contacted to set up a school visit between September 16th through October 11th. School visits should take approximately 1 hour and include the following:

  • A meeting with the principal and all members of the teaching team to discuss expectations, answer any questions, and sign an agreement form

  • A school tour

  • If time permits, observation of classroom instruction

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions at