About the Alice

Engaging communities. Expanding minds.

Introducing the Alice Rapoport Center for Education and Engagement at Goodman Theatre.

The Alice Rapoport Center for Education and Engagement—“the Alice”—is the next phase in the Goodman’s decades-long commitment to educating Chicago youth and promoting lifelong learning for audiences of all ages. Named for the late Goodman Trustee Alice Rapoport and accessible via the Goodman’s second floor lobby, the Alice becomes our welcoming new home for public programs, readings, seminars, auditions and workshops.

We believe the arts are a catalyst for positive social change. Based on this belief, we practice “arts as education”—the philosophy that theater is more than a play, place or product, but a living, breathing, creative process that can be used to expand thinking and offer fresh perspectives. It begins with the art on stage, and results in programs that promote learning and critical thinking, inspire self-confidence and empowerment and give voice to audiences, including some of Chicago’s most vulnerable populations.

Rare among U.S. arts organizations, the Alice is a 10,000 square-foot LEED-certified (upon completion) facility that provides the oxygen to exponentially expand our reach, and make a difference. At its core, the Alice is an ESSENTIAL part of the Goodman’s commitment to unleash the potential of Chicago’s diverse and aspiring communities through the inspiring, relevant, transformative power of art.

Play a role! For more information about how to contribute to the fundraising effort for the Alice please contact 312.443.3811 ext. 581 or MartyGrochala@GoodmanTheatre.org.

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Center Task Force

  • Chair
    Mike O’Halleran

Committee Members
  • Roger Baskes
  • Joan Clifford
  • Anjan Asthana
  • Les Coney
  • Patricia Cox
  • Julie Danis
  • David Fox
  • Rod Goldstein
  • Adnaan Hamid
  • Harry Harczak
  • Jeff Hesse
  • Carl Jenkins
  • Tony Maggiore
  • Alice Sabl
  • Roche Schulfer
  • Kimbra Walter
  • Randy White
  • Patrick Wood Prince
  • Susan Wislow