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Christian Kohn

Christian Kohn

(Bio as of April 2002)

Christian Kohn most recently appeared at the Goodman in Hollywood Arms during the 2001/2002 Season. Other Goodman credits include The Gift Horse and the Goodman/Next Theatre production of Among the Thugs. His Court Theatre credits include Mary Stuart, Piano, Twelfth Night and The Invention of Love. Other credits include David Copperfield at Steppenwolf; Another Part of the Forest at Eclipse; Twelfth Night with Festival Theatre; Class Enemy, Safe Harbor and Edward II at Red Hen; Henry V, Julius Caesar, As You Like It and Comedy of Errors at Shenandoah Shakespeare Express; Don Juan in Hell with Excalibur Productions: Ter­minal Café with SmmnerNITE; The Enduring Legend of Marinka Pinka and Tommy Atomic with Thirteenth Tribe; and Phaedra'.s Love at Defiant. He has also been a featured actor reading short stories for the New Yorker Magazine's "Fiction Live" event at the Good­man, WBEZ's "Stories On Stage," and the Art Institute's "The Artists' Voices Series."

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  • The Gift Horse Production Photos

With Goodman Theatre

  • Hollywood Arms Hollywood Arms
    0102 Season
    Play by Carrie Hamilton and Carol Burnett
    Directed by Harold Prince
  • The Gift Horse The Gift Horse
    0102 Season
    Play by Lydia R. Diamond
    Directed by Chuck Smith
  • Among the Thugs Among the Thugs
    0001 Season
    Play by Tom Szentgyorgyi
    Directed by Kate Buckley