Goodman Theatre is Chicago’s most established and largest not-for-profit theater, internationally renowned for the quality of its productions, the depth and diversity of its artistic leadership, and for its many community and educational programs. The vision of the Goodman is to become the premier cultural organization in Chicago through productions and community programs that make an essential contribution to the quality of life in our society. The Goodman has identified three institutional values that form the basis for the vision and objectives of Goodman Theatre, and serve as guiding pillars for our productions and programming.

These values are:


Goodman Theatre believes that live theater illuminates the past, informs the present and imagines the future. We seek to provide our audiences with the definitive theater experience. We strive to give our artists the resources that enable them to do the best possible work with the highest standards of excellence.


Goodman Theatre believes that respect for diversity is a cornerstone of our community and our society. Our work features a variety of aesthetics, cultures and modes of theatrical expression. We are committed to promoting creativity, collaboration, artistic risk-taking, freedom of expression and cultural diversity.


Goodman Theatre believes that live theater plays a unique role in the educational, social and economic development of a community. For example, theater develops cognitive skills, emotional growth and moral awareness, particularly in young people. Since the Goodman is a part of the community, we believe that we have a responsibility to improve the quality of life through our productions and educational programs.