Joe Turner’s Come and Gone | SOLD OUT | Saturday, March 28


Wilson dramatizes the plight of African Americans during the Great Migration in Joe Turner’s Come and Gone. Seth and Bertha Holly’s Pittsburgh boarding house hosts a variety of travelers as they journey from the South to find opportunities in the North. When Herald Loomis arrives with his young daughter in search of his wife, the Holly’s tenants help him realize that he has actually been searching for himself.

Photo: Bynum Walker (Norman Matlock), Rutherford Matlock (Dick Sasso) and Mattie Campbell (Susan Diane Payne) in Joe Turner’s Come and Gone at Goodman Theatre (1991)

Saturday, March 28 | 2pm

Presented by MPAACT
Directed by Shepsu Aakhu
Beverly Arts Center (2407 W. 111th St.)
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